Square 1: The Science of Celebrating YOU!

Square 1: the Science of Celebrating YOU!

When we decided to chase our Confetti Betti dream one of the first things we did was to discuss what our mission was. That was pretty simple for us…we believe in the POWER OF THE PARTY! The power of people, of communities, of relationships. And we wanted to help cultivate a world in which we can all connect and celebrate more. Whether that is in the form of a festive gathering made easier by one of our party kits, or in the form of a celebration box delivered to a loved one’s doorstep; we seek to bring people together, to celebrate even the littlest moments in life, and to positively impact our community. We decided to call this last component of our business the ‘Betti Effect’ in honor of our grandmothers, for whom our business is named.

The Betti Effect is about more than making a donation to a local nonprofit’s auction, or spending a day volunteering. In our dreams, the Betti Effect is a movement backed by science that tells us that not only is celebrating fun, but it’s good for us!

Science says to party!

Along the way we have been beyond fortunate to have family, friends, and a variety of experts and professionals from different fields help us make our confetti filled dreams a reality. One of these special people is Dr. Kristen Dauss. It’s hard to put into words what a rock star this woman is. She completed a triple board residency in general pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child adolescent psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine. She is the current Chief Medical Officer of the Indiana Department of Corrections. She is a mom of three. A wife. A friend to many. A style icon. And so much more! As we were developing Confetti Betti and digging into our mission around the power of the party, we wanted to talk to someone about the science of celebration. And Dr. Dauss was so kind to help! Here is what she had to say about the power of the party:


This was music to our ears and honestly, gave us even more confidence as we launched Confetti Betti and worked to develop a signature community outreach program for the Betti Effect. It helped us in brainstorming organizations to reach out to. With the help of our customers, we raised money and donated items for the Saint Joseph County Boys & Girls Club. We then formed a beautiful and ongoing partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of Michiana, where we donate party kits for kids and siblings staying at the house. We will continue these good works, but are so excited to share our new signature Betti Effect program with you now.

Square 1: The Science of Celebrating YOU!

As we continued to ponder the science of celebration and how it related to our mission at Confetti Betti, we kept coming back to a common question: who in our community needed celebrating the most? Through a series of planned (Liz had long dreamed of becoming a CASA, which she finally did over quarantine) and random events (Whitney becoming family friends with an inspiring local judge), we soon landed on a group that we felt needed the power of the party more than anyone: at risk and vulnerable kids. Specifically for us, kids at the Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) located in our hometown of South Bend. Through our connections at CASA and the Judge, we were able to connect with the inspiring staff at the JJC and brainstorm a way in which the Betti Effect could help make a positive impact for these kids. The result was the Square 1 Journal.

Square 1 is a guided journal that walks kids through the periodic table of celebration. Each element offers a prompt in which kids can journal or draw their reactions, thoughts, and feelings. Square 1 incorporates elements of gratitude journaling, growth mindset, and also offers blank space for kids to be their most authentic selves. In creating the book, we talked to experts in journaling, DARE officers, marketing and nonprofit professionals, school counselors, teachers, and of course, Dr. Dauss. The result is something we are beyond proud of. It’s a journal for anyone and everyone, but especially for the kids we made it for.

This week, we will visit the JJC to deliver the first batch of books to the kids. After that, every child that is admitted will be gifted a book. It’s also important to us that we put our hands where our hearts are. As such, we will be volunteering monthly and helping the kids work through the journals. We can’t wait to get started, and we hope you will support us! The Square 1 journal is now live on the Confetti Betti website and 100% of the proceeds from books purchased, will go towards books for at risk and vulnerable youth. Meaning, when you buy a book, you are also giving a book. If you or someone you know might be interested in volunteering with us in South Bend, that would be great too! Please reach out to us via the website!

In conclusion, Betti Says that anyone can be a difference maker in their community and through this passion project, we hope to do our small part. We would be remiss not the thank some very special people and organizations who made this possible. First, we couldn’t have done it without The South Bend Awesome Fund, who’s support and grant helped us get Square 1 off the ground. Secondly, to the most talented and fun graphic designer on the planet, Maddi Laidig…you brought our vision to life and created something that was beyond our wildest dreams. To Dr. Dauss, thank you for your sage advice and wisdom, we couldn’t have done it without you. And last, but certainly not least, to our customers! Your support of Confetti Betti and The Betti Effect made this project possible…THANK YOU! Cheers to celebrating EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!




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