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Halloween Snack Board

It feels like there are two types of people in this world, those that LOVE Halloween and those that despise it. At Confetti Betti, we are obviously on team CELEBRATE EVERYTHING, so its safe to count us in the group that is strangely obsessive over spooky décor, sweet treats, and themed group costumes. All that said, whether you are spending your fall boo-hooing over how much you dislike Halloween, or joyfully BOO-ing every chance you get, we can all agree that there is nothing better than a good Halloween treat. Even the grumpiest ghost can’t turn their nose up to a warm cider donut, a spiced drink, or their favorite piece of Halloween candy (team Reese’s here). Our aim at Confetti Betti is to make celebrating easier, so read on to glean some of our favorite seasonal tricks and treats this October!

Host a BOO-tiful Halloween Brunch

With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, we are all about the lazy Boo Brunch celebration. Call us tricksters, but this is such a fun way to host family, friends, and neighbors for a festive and unique Halloween get together, while clearing the path for you and your immediate family to have a simple, stress-free, trick or treating experience that evening…since we all know Monday morning will come early! Here are some tips, tricks, and treats we love for hosting the most BOO-tiful brunch this October!

Boo Brunch 

1). Candy Eyes

               This feels super random as a brunch tip, but trust us…an investment in some candy eye balls is going to make your Boo Brunch SO. MUCH. BETTER. We love this simple hack for dressing up grocery store donuts (you could use bagels too), with candy eyes and plastic vampire teeth (dollar store buys!). You can also add the little to veggies, string cheese, or fruit to make a variety of monster like snacks!

2).  Mini Waffles

               Call us crazy, but there are few things in this world that make us happier than a mini waffle maker in a fun, seasonal shape. Count on Target to deliver what we consider to be a frontrunner for this year’s best Halloween item: mini waffle irons in spooky seasonal shapes: skulls, pumpkins, or as seen in our Boo Brunch photos, spider webs. These bad boys are fun, easy to use, and make a big impact for a Halloween brunch board or a just a quick seasonal snack. Plus, they are under $10!

Spider Web Waffle Iron

3). Ghost Mallows

               Fall is the time to welcome back cozy, warm, beverages and we love the idea of a seasonal hot chocolate tray like we have styled below. We sourced our ghost marshmallows from an incredibly talented pastry chef in our hometown, but there are some store-bought options, included some from the Peeps brand! These marshmallows add a fun haunted vibe to any hot chocolate bar or mug. They are also fun for a fall bonfire and spooky s’mores!  

Ghost Marshmallow

4). Grab a party kit and make things simple!

               In true Confetti Betti spirit, we have curated some Halloween party kits in hopes of making your spooky get togethers easy and festive. This year’s hot Halloween trend is all things pastel and we love this simple and fun look, especially for a brunch! 

Pastel Dream Halloween

Send a Boo Box

We aren’t sure if this is just a Midwestern tradition, but in our town Boo-ing your neighbors is pretty much an art during the month of October. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this trick, here’s how it works. First, you put together a few little treat baskets. These can be filled with candy, inexpensive Halloween toys, seasonal party supplies, or even BOOze. Next, you decide who you are going to Boo and basically do a good old fashion ding dong ditch, leaving the Boo package on their doorstep. They are then supposed to take a turn passing the Boo on.

 The whole act of Boo-ing and getting Boo’d brings such joy that we truly can’t recommend it more! So, in the spirit of Halloween gifting, we’ve created a couple of our own Boo Boxes for you to send loved ones. We will include a handwritten note from you and send your Boo Box directly to them!

1). The Peek-a-Boo Box

               This sweet Halloween gift box is on trend in its pastel tones and includes a clear peek-a-BOO clutch, a matching acrylic ghost keychain, a glitter pumpkin, and a fancy Boo cookie. We love this box for a friend who might have an October birthday or as a just because gift. We might add a mini bottle of bubbly to make it extra special for the lucky boo receiving it.

Boo Box

2). The Cozy Boo Box

               It’s Fall and so it’s time to break out ALL THE COZY. This charming gift set delivers a cozy punch with just enough spooky to make you smile. It includes a set of gourmet ghost marshmallows, a big cauldron mug, and a pack of delicious hot chocolate.

Cozy Boo Box

3). The Witches’ Brew Box

               Drink up witches! This box is a fun way to toast your favorite witch. It includes themed candy and a color change tumbler. You could add a bottle of your favorite brew to put it over the top!

Drink up Witches!

The Treat Hit List

At Confetti Betti, we LIVE for a good treat. So, this blog entry could not be complete without our Halloween Treat Hit List. While we always recommend finding a good local baker and supporting their Halloween efforts (we will be sharing a bunch of our local  on go to bakers our Instagram story in the coming week), we have a few items this year that can help put your treat game over the top!

1). Chocolate Skull Pinatas

               Our signature chocolate pinatas are back for Halloween and you aren’t going to want to miss these white chocolate skulls. They include a mallet for breaking open and are filled with creepy crawly treats!

Chocolate Skull Piñata

2). Missing Body Parts

               The EEK Boutique at Target might still have some gummy body parts, but in case you missed the boat there, we have you covered with all the gummy fingers, brains, and eyeballs you will need. We like to sprinkle them into some trail mix for an after-school snack or on a sweet treat charcuterie board. They also look creepy cool in a pretty candy dish.

Missing Body Parts Candy

3). Candy Corn Puffs and Gummy Pumpkins

               These adorable Candy Club jars are perfect to gift or use on that previously mentioned treat charcuterie board. They also make a sweet gift for teachers!

Halloween Candy 

 All this talk of treats has us ready to raid the Halloween candy stash, so we better end it here. Just remember, Betti Says that Halloween can be SWEET, as long as the tricks bring joy and the treats are well stocked.



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