Genius Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Party

Genius Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Party

There's a certain magic to bringing friends together to celebrate during the summer outdoors. Food tastes better, the vibe is relaxed, and there's less clean-up afterwards.

But, simple outdoor parties aren't without their challenges. The blazing sun can turn a merry gathering into a sweaty, sunburnt affair, while mosquitoes threaten to crash the festivities, and the weather can change at a moment's notice. And let's not forget trying to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold amidst fluctuating temperatures.

But fear not! With a bit of planning and help from Yours Truly, you can breeze through outdoor party season with ease. We've brainstormed all the tips and tricks you'll need to host the ultimate outdoor soiree. 

Keep It Casual

Keep the atmosphere relaxed. When it comes to setting the mood for a casual outdoor gathering, simplicity is key. Personally, we find that a group text or email invitation does the trick without any fuss. By keeping things straightforward, you're more inclined to host get-togethers with friends on a regular basis.

Give Details Upfront

Provide your guests with the specifics. Alongside the start-end time, it's helpful to give guests an idea of when food will be served or activities will take place (Example: "Swimming starts at 4pm with food served at 5pm. Bonfire at 6pm."). Additionally, it's good to include if extra clothes will be required (for swim parties, let guests know if towels will be provided, for example). 

Keep the Menu Simple

The great thing about an outdoor party is that food can be as casual as you like. From simple fruit and cheeseboards to crowd-pleasing burgers and hot dogs, keeping the menu simple will only add to the low-key, outdoor atmosphere. 

Gather Your Supplies

  1. Bug Repellent: Depending on where you are, bugs can be quite the party crashers. In Indiana, mosquitoes are always on our radar, so it's important to stock up on the bug spray. 

  2. Citronella Candles: When it comes to banishing bugs, citronella candles are a game-changer. They not only set the mood with their soft glow but also act as effective bug deterrents. Talk about multitasking party essentials!

  3. Cooler: While serving snacks at room temperature keeps things hassle-free, cold drinks are a must in the summer heat. Enter the trusty cooler—portable, durable, and available in various sizes to suit your needs.

  4. Sunscreen: Protecting your skin from the sun's rays is essential for any outdoor activity. Sunscreen tops my list of summer must-haves, not only for its anti-aging benefits but also for preventing painful sunburns. Choose from our favorite clean sunscreen options for safe and effective protection that won't harm the environment or your skin.

  5. Seating: Snag all the chairs, benches, and blankets you can to keep guests comfortable in the outdoors.

Set The Mood 

Even nature needs a little "sprucing" up when it's time to party! Don't forget to set the mood with accessories, partyware, and decor.

We keep our site stocked with summer essentials so you don't waste gorgeous weather running from store-to-store gathering perfectly-coordinated decor. 

  1. Birthday Party Packages: Throw a party as unique as your loved one! Choose from dozens of our customizable, Pinterest-perfect party packages and let us do the rest. Each of our themed birthday party packages includes everything you need from plates and straws to statement balloons, banners, and more...
  2. Tableware & ServewareWhen it comes to throwing the perfect party, it's all about the details. Find all the special touches for your celebration with our tableware collection. Whether you're hosting a bridal shower, birthday party, holiday party, wedding, our tableware selections will make your soiree memorable. 
  3. Decor & Supplies:Make your party pop with our curated collection of trendy party decor and supplies. From banners, garlands, signage, balloons, favors, and more, you'll find something special for every occasion! 

Games and Activities 

Keep the energy up and the guests mingling and mixing the whole time. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep the good times rollin'...

  1. Lawn Games: Get the friendly competition going with a lineup of classic yard games. Bocce ball, croquet, and cornhole never fail to draw guests in for some lighthearted fun and banter.

  2. Dance Party: Who says you need to be a pro dancer to hit the floor? Turn up the tunes, switch to something with a lively beat, and watch as guests groove their way into the night. 

  3. Card Games: Keep the entertainment going with a deck of cards and endless game possibilities. Invite guests to share their favorite card games and prepare for some spirited matches that are sure to keep everyone engaged.

  4. Conversation Starters: If you're looking to spark meaningful discussions, keep a stash of conversation starters handy. Whether you're brushing up on your social skills or just want to keep the chat flowing, these prompts are perfect for inspiring engaging conversations and breaking the ice.

  5. Outdoor Movie Night: Elevate your outdoor gathering with a makeshift movie theater under the stars. Set up a projector and a white sheet for a clear, cinematic experience. Throw in some cozy blankets, pillows, and twinkling lanterns to create a welcoming ambiance. And of course, don't forget the essential movie snacks—popcorn and candy are a must for the full theater experience!

Don't forget to share the fun with us! We hate a case of FOMO, so tag us in your party pics this summer. 

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