Happy Birthday Betti!

Cake by Love and Macs. Photography by Ashley Joines.

We have often described Confetti Betti as our ‘Covid baby,’ as the bulk of building Betti took place during the worldwide pandemic. Just like with our real kiddos, it’s like we blinked and our baby is turning a year old!  We would be lying if we said we weren’t feeling a little emotional as we reflect back on our year of spreading the power of the party. As we get ready to celebrate the 1year mark of our business on August 21st, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what Betti has meant to us, how we’ve grown, what we’ve learned, and of course reminisce about all the fun we’ve had celebrating with YOU!  


Embrace your Betti

Confetti Betti was born while we watched our two little boys skate through hockey practice. As we chatted about mom life, we realized that both of us were feeling a little lost. This is the moment the Betti team was born! We had a spark of an idea, a name in honor of our grandmothers’, and a lot of work in front of us! With 8 kids between us and two very busy and hard-working husbands, the challenge of starting a small business from the ground up seemed truly daunting. But we crept ahead, slowly making progress towards our goal of creating a space where the Power of the Party could be more easily accessible. Then…COVID.

We have had A LOT of family and friends question the timing of Betti. They would say well meaning things like, “This is such a cute idea, but is a worldwide pandemic really the best time to launch a party business?” We will be honest…it was frustrating at times, but we always just smiled and shrugged, assuring them that our business was more than parties and that we thought our timing was perfect. And you know what? It has been! The COVID lockdown cleared our busy mom lives of the carpools, meetings, and even freed up our husbands to some extent. The long days at home meant we could dig into our checklist and really invest the time, work, and love into Confetti Betti. Plus, the power of the party isn’t really just about the act of throwing a big boujee party. We know that the power of the party is about community. It’s about bringing people together…whether physically, virtually, or through acts of kindness both planned and random.

COVID has, and continues to be, HARD. But as we have reflected on the past 18 months, we know that COVID gave us the gift of time and helped the whole world to realize the importance of human connection (ie: the power of the party). We will never take a warm embrace with a loved one or friend for granted again, and we hope that in some way maybe Confetti Betti made it easier for people to celebrate where they could, and to send a little love during an incredibly difficult time.

Baby Betti Steps

When you are a new parent, you obsess (and thrive) off every milestone your baby reaches. Especially in the first year. It has been much like that for us during this first year of Confetti Betti. With every success and setback, we have had ALL THE FEELINGS. From the exhilaration we felt the moment we made our first sale, to the panic we experienced when an entire box of candles arriving shattered for an important (and timely) client, we have had a lot of highs and lows the past year.

We set a lot of goals, some big and some small, and we just keep taking baby steps toward them. Some weeks and months we have hit those goals, and some we have totally missed the mark on. We sold more than 500 boxes this year. And yet, we have some themes and products that we have yet to sell 1 of! We laugh almost every day we work on Betti. But just like in parenting, some days our emotions and exhaustion get the best of us. We have had family, friends, and strangers come out of the woodwork to support us. And we have had people in our circles belittle our efforts. The key for us is to JUST KEEP GOING.

A lot of people (especially other women) have asked us for advice on how to start a business. And the honest truth is…we are no experts. We are just two regular moms that had a dream and took the leap. So here is our advice to everyone that has (or will) ask us:

  • Just do it! Take the Leap! Don’t look down until it’s time to enjoy the view.
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot! It’s fun to try new things and push the limits of your creativity. Plus, you never know what will be a huge hit unless you try and put it out there!
  • Set some goals and then remember, it’s just baby steps towards them!
  • And finally, have fun! Confetti Betti truly is a labor of love, and because of that, it very seldomly feels like work.


Celebrating Betti

Since the spirit of Confetti Betti is to CELEBRATE EVERYTHING, we would be remiss not to mark our 1st birthday with a list of the milestones and memories we want to celebrate. It was so hard to choose just a few memories to feature here, but we did our best to pull together some of our most memorable moments from Betti’s first year!

Our First Giveaway

These 'Betti Boo Boxes' were our first giveaway item and we loved running around town surprising our friends with these fun Halloween treats. We also did our first Instagram giveaway with this box and were overwhelmed with the support and love we recieved!

Favorite Custom Party

Our friend Courtney graciously asked us to help with her son's 7th birthday. The result was our favorite custom party of our first year, 'Knox is 007' was just too cute for words!

Betti the Elf

Creating Betti the Elf was a spur of the moment idea as we met with our local printer on another project. They were able to create our vision on the spot and the result was a couple weeks of Betti the Elf doing good deeds all over our hometown. Betti the Elf will be back next year and we can't wait to see who she will visit and what good works she will do!

The Cincinnati Zoo

Perhaps one of our biggest moments this year was landing the Confetti Betti Brand in the Cincinnati Zoo gift shop! Our Chocolate Fiona's were just about the cutest thing we have ever done and we had so much fun working with the zoo to make these a reality!

Favorite Balloon Install

Pure Barre South Bend

Over the past year we have learned A LOT about balloons, and as a result, we have tons of balloon creations that we could include in this album. This Valentine's Day install for Pure Barre South Bend remains one of our very favorites though. It was so fun to collaborate with another local woman-owned business and we just loved how it turned out!

Chocolate Pots of Gold

Chocolate Pot of Gold

Most of you probably know that our business really got cracked wide open when we launched our Saint Patrick's Day lineup of Leprechaun Trap Kits and our Chocolate Pots of Gold. We will never forget the day that literally hundreds of orders came in. Your support meant the world to us then and now!

Favorite Celebration Box

Champagne Gift Box

We love all of our Celebration Boxes, because who doesn't love giving (and recieving) a good themed gift box?! That said, our favorite curated gift box from this year has to be this Bubbly Box. Cheers to year two!

Favorite Cake

Pancake Cake by Mini Delights Bake Shoppe

We couldn't make a list of our favorite things from the past year and not include a cake! It was a tough call, but this maple flavored 'Breakfast of Champions' cake squeaked out a victory here. We are so priveleged to work with the most talented and amazing local bakers. These ladies never cease to amaze us in helping us bring our crazy ideas to life. This cake was crafted by our girl Lisa out at Mini Delights Bake Shoppe in Elkhart, IN. 

The Betti Effect 

And we will end our 1st year favorites album with the Betti Effect. As you may know, Confetti Betti is named for Liz's Great Grandmother and Whitney's Grandmother. Both our Betti's cared deeply for their families and their community. We want to pay all of our blessings forward and we do that through the Betti Effect! With your help, we have made donations to the Boys and Girls Club of South Bend and we have also partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Michiana to donate funds, parties, and more to the kids and families staying at the house. Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for an incredibly exciting announcement regarding the next big thing for the Betti Effect!

Ronald McDonald House Michiana

And that’s it…our baby is 1! It’s been 365 days of Betti and we are so proud of how we have grown AND how we are continuing to grow. THANK YOU for your support. We know that the power of the party would not be possible without our family, friends, and all the Betti’s near and far. We are so grateful to every customer, social media follower, blog reader, cheerleader, and high fiver. We truly couldn’t do it without you. Cheers to celebrating everything and to Betti’s Terrible 2’s!

…we have a lot of fun planned for the year ahead!

 PS- Check out our social media channels this week for lots of fun surprises as we celebrate our first birthday all week long!


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