Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Easter season is upon us and as we’ve been dreaming of cotton tails and pastel color palates, we started reflecting on all of the beautiful traditions each holiday season brings us. With Easter, the anticipation of a blooming, hope filled Spring mingles with the end of winter and for some, the contemplation of the Lenten season. This makes Easter a particularly special time, filled with wonderful traditions. With this Easter edition of the Betti Says Blog, we wanted to explore a few of our favorites, and also a few new ones that this Easter season is bringing us!

Easter Brunch

With Easter morning being dedicated to important things like church, egg hunts, and basket discovery, it seems appropriate that Easter brunch should be A THING. Like a trademarked thing. An Easter staple. Seriously….hard boiled eggs, citrus infused mimosas, and ham…what could be more brunchy or more Eastery?! Plus, the advantage of an amazing Easter brunch is that not only can much of the food be prepped ahead of time (raise your hand if you are serving the cold ham anyway!), but brunch provides the opportunity to literally eat and snack ALL DAY LONG.

In the spirit of getting ready for Easter brunch this year, we partnered up with one of our favorite Michiana local, female-owned, businesses- Graze by Erica! Erica is a seriously talented charcuterie artist and we are going to be collaborating with her on a pre-sale (sorry, local friends only for this one) of special, limited edition Easter Brunch boards and our Bunny Brunch box! There will be special pricing if you pre-order and even a sweet gift for the first few that purchase. Watch our social feeds for all the details! We had a chance to sit down with the cheese wiz herself (see what we did there?!) to learn a little bit about the art of charcuterie and how YOU can make an awesome brunch board this Easter season!

Erica- Tell us a little bit about your first ever brunch board! What’s this fun Easter board all about?

Since I launched my business this past August, I had dreams of creating the ultimate brunch board! I couldn’t think of a better way to debut this beauty than at Easter! It just made so much sense. I wanted to incorporate everyone’s love of bagels and croissants with beautiful fresh fruit and an assortment of delicious dips and honeys. I see this as my first of many brunch boards and can’t wait to roll out some more this year. Maybe a bagel and lox board? AHH!

What are the top 3 things someone should know about charcuterie design if they want to attempt their own board for Easter?

 1). Fresh ingredients are KEY! The board starts with the ingredients- and fresh is always best. I also try to source really great fresh local produce anytime I can. It’s important to me to provide that kind of quality to my customers. I encourage you to check out your local farmer’s market…especially as the weather turns toward Spring!

 2). Don’t be scared! Try new things. My favorite part about doing charcuterie is introducing people to new meats and cheeses! It doesn’t have to be scary. For example: goat cheese gets such a bad rap! It’s an intimidating cheese. I try to put some sort of wrapped goat cheese on all of my boards to give people to opportunity to try the cheese in a not so scary way. My favorite wrapped goat chesses are blueberry, cranberry and fig!

 3). Have fun! Charcuterie really is a way to express yourself creatively and just have fun with food. Experiment with different cheeses and sweet flavor combos that you might not have tried before. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the process of making the board and sharing it with your loved ones!

The Easter Basket

Oh the Easter basket. We know there are SO many traditions and ideas around this special Easter delivery. In Liz’s house, the Easter baskets are hidden in various places, torturing the children as they search (sometimes for close to an hour) for the chocolate filled baskets. A few favorite hiding spots include the dryer, inside the fridge, strung underneath the table, and out in the car (our bunny shows no mercy). Meanwhile, at Whitney’s house, a trail of Easter eggs leads each kiddo to their special basket of goodness. We love both these ideas and would love to hear what YOUR family does! Leave us a comment about your basket traditions!

We had so much fun with our Leprechaun Trap kits and Chocolate Pots of Gold for Saint Patrick’s Day, that we wanted to offer you all something similar for Easter! Meet our Bunny Box and our Chocolate Easter Egg Piñatas!


Taking Easter on the Road

We are going to be talking more about the idea of taking the party on the road as vaccines continue to roll out and COVID numbers continue to drop...because let’s face it, we are ALL dreaming of a good vacation! For team Betti, Easter Sunday falls during our Spring break and we know that some of our friends and family are hitting the road to warmer weather! Maybe you are too, in which case, our brunch box and Bunny Boxes are an easy thing to throw in a suitcase or the car to take with you! Creating a festive and memorable holiday experience doesn’t have to be done just at home. What fun to deck out your Airbnb with a festive Easter table or to have our Bunny Boxes out at the hotel as a fun vacation activity!

In wrapping up this bunny blog, we just really want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter. We have now been in the midst of this pandemic for exactly a year and it has been HARD. Betti Says that this Spring we should all try to turn our face to the sun and allow this Easter season to be one of new hope and new beginnings, along with tried and true traditions of course. Remember to leave us a comment or tag us in your Easter tradition posts on Facebook/Instagram @shopconfettibetti



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