Motherhood: Get in the Picture!

Motherhood: Get in the Picture!

We are so thrilled to introduce our first Betti Says guest blogger, Ashley Joines! Ashley is an amazing mom of two girls and an incredibly talented photographer. As we start to think about celebrating Mother’s Day, we asked Ashley to reflect on her experience as both a mom and a photographer. We couldn’t love this blog or all the Mama's in our life more. Enjoy!

Get In the Picture Mama!

Motherhood is so many things. We create homes full of love and memories for our people. There are times we feel our cup is so incredibly full, and times when we feel undervalued and totally drained. Let’s face it, motherhood is HARD. We cook, clean house, run errands, chauffer kids to a million places, give snuggles and encouragement, and try to document these little people that grow too fast. We pour out our cups each day, only needing to refill them each night to begin a new day and love our little (and big) people well all over again.

Sometimes being a mom can feel so draining, but our big and small daily acts of love really do matter, and they add up to something big. We might not see it right away, but one day our children show kindness to a stranger, pick up their rooms without being asking or tell you they want to take you on a trip to Paris one day. In those moments we are stopped in our tracks in awe of our little people, and think, “Wow, I’m doing something right.” These are the moments that make motherhood so lovely. 

So, with Mother’s Day around the corner I ask you, how do you want your ‘motherhood’ to be remembered? Do you want your children and grandchildren to remember you baking your Great Grandmother’s rolls for Thanksgiving each year? Or the way you would snuggle up on the couch and read books for hours on end? Do you want them to remember singing at the top of your lungs in the car? Or the day you allowed them to give you that glamorous makeover? I want them to remember it all!

I am a photographer by trade, and so I spend a lot of time behind the camera, but this idea of being remembered has gotten me thinking a lot about how all of us moms need to step out from behind the camera! In the past year, I have really been trying to do this personally. If my girls want a photo of me, I just let them snap it and try not to care about what I look like. I keep reminding myself to not always delete the photos where I don’t think I look my best. Let’s be real, a majority of the time my hair isn’t perfect, and my makeup isn’t done, but I want them to see me as I am day in and day out…their MOM! 

So this Mother’s Day, I challenge you to not only be the magic maker AND photographer for your family, but to take the time to truly enjoy and soak in that magic yourself and to step into the photos to prove it! Here are six easy steps to help you get in the picture in a fun and easy way.

1. Hand of your camera or phone and just ask! 

Our phones are basically with us constantly. If you are having a blast with your kids, ask whoever is near you to capture it. When I say capture it, I mean in the moment, not always looking and smiling at the camera. Ask your neighbor, friend, spouse, or even a stranger to just snap a few candid pics of you and your kids together.

 2. The Selfie!

When there isn’t anyone around, snap a selfie! Have fun with your kids and love on them. You might not like the angle always, but you and your kids will come to cherish these silly snaps!


 3. Let your kids take pictures of you!

Just be yourself, makeup or no makeup, silly or serious. If they take 30 photos of you, you have my permission to delete 25 of them. Just not all. 


 4. Self timer!

No matter if you are using your phone or your fancy DSLR camera, they all have a timer on them. Take a minute, look up your camera on YouTube and learn how to use the timer. Are you going to get a perfect shot the first time? Maybe not, but it will probably work eventually and you are going to have fun with your kids in the process!

5. Just hire someone!

There are so many talented photographers that would love to capture your family or just you and your kids. I would make sure to book your photographer early however. Everyone wants their photos done in the fall and photographers book up quickly. If you don’t want a full blown session, ask if they will offer any mini sessions.


Print those photos with your kids and hang them in the house or put them in a book. Shutterfly, Mpix, Chatbooks, and Amazon are all great resources for printing and compiling photographs.  

In conclusion, Betti Says to GET IN THE PICTURE! You do amazing work as a mom…truly, the most important work there is! Even on your worst day (which is never as bad as you think) you are so loved and so important! Your kids and grandkids and many generations after that are going to want to remember you, perfect in your sweats and messy bun, radiating all the love in the world for them. You are a gift Mama and the world wants to remember you!

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