How to Catch a Leprechaun

How to Catch a Leprechaun

We all know it’s coming…at least one child in our life is going to be asked (or ask) to build a trap to catch that pesky Saint Patrick’s Day leprechaun. Cue the deep dive into the recycle bin to dig out a paper towel roll and enough Amazon cardboard to build….well….something? Where’s the box cutter? And the glue gun? How about the green and rainbow colored accents? And just when you think you have managed to dig up enough random building materials to build a respectable trap…your kid is going to ask you about bait? BAIT?!?! Hold on. We thought Saint Patrick’s Day was for the big kids. You know…a kiss me I’m Irish, raise a pint kind of day. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way! The season of four leaf clovers really can be good clean fun for all! And don’t worry, we are here to assist in not only making it memorable for your little leprechaun hunters, but more importantly, EASY for you! Read on to see what the Betties have planned for Saint Patrick’s Day 2021.

Building the Trap

As we lamented above, perhaps the toughest part of the leprechaun trap adventure is actually having all the random materials needed to build a respectable device for imprisoning the tiny magical creature meant to visit on March 17th (note, a discussion about why we even want to catch the leprechaun and the ramifications of wrongful imprisonment are worth a real conversation…alas, we know our kids don’t want to hear it…so we digress). Enter Confetti Betti’s Leprechaun Trap Kit. We’ve pulled together a collection of building materials and supplies that will not only make design and construction easier, but allow your kids to stretch their imaginations and get in touch with their inner architect. Here’s what’s included:

  • A mini box of Lucky Charms cereal
  • Rainbow popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners
  • Cotton ball clouds
  • Sparkly shamrock stickers
  • A mini pot (for gold…or lucky charms)
  • Green Construction paper
  • Gold chocolate coins
  • A pot of gold chocolate piñata (more on this later)

It should be noted that while we did eat all of the marshmallows in the tiny box of Lucky Charms, we purposefully did not break out the hot glue gun. The only items we used beyond what’s included in the kit were scissors and a combination of tape and a glue stick. We used the green construction paper as a base for the kit and taped the empty Lucky Charm box down to make it a little more secure. We then formed the pipe cleaners into a rainbow and used the cotton balls to create a pretty and welcoming scene for the leprechaun on top of the open cereal box. To ensure he can reach the rainbow, we cut the colorful popsicle sticks and used a glue stick to make a ladder, which we just leaned against the side of the box. We then carefully laid the gold coins on top (duh, BAIT!), hoping that the leprechaun will step on them and fall into the open box. For a little flair, we filled the pot with the left over Lucky charms and set it on the side of the trap with the sparkly shamrocks stuck randomly around.

We share a photo of our completed trap here just to give you an idea of what’s possible, but we totally expect you and your kids to blow our trap out of the water! In fact, we hope that you will take photos of your traps and tag us on FB or Instagram @shopconfettibetti so we can brag on you far and wide!

 Before and After

In addition to the kit materials, our Leprechaun Box also includes a wonderful book that is all about catching this little trickster! We love the idea of reading the book before building the trap or maybe even at bedtime after the trap is complete!

Now the tough stuff…what happens on Saint Patrick’s Day when the trap, regardless of its superior craftsmanship, fails and the leprechaun is in fact not captured? Fear not…we have an answer for that as well! Enter the first in our super fun line of chocolate piñatas! This chocolate pot of gold comes with a tiny hammer and is meant to be broken open to reveal a gift from the leprechaun…gold chocolate coins! Consider it a consolation prize for a job well done. One pot of gold piñata is included in the Leprechaun Box, but you can also purchase these individually or add additional ones to your box!

Setting the Scene

At Confetti Betti, we are all about making a visual impact. We love the moment our loved ones run down the hall or stairs and into a scene set up to create a memorable and fun moment. These moments become frozen in time in our mama hearts and we just can’t collect enough of them. This Saint Patrick’s Day, we are offering a fun kit meant to set the stage (and the table) for a fun Saint Patrick’s Day breakfast. Break out the shamrock shaped donuts or make some green eggs and serve them up on these shiny gold plates. Sip cocoa or coffee from a cup o’ Irish. And hang this festive banner to ensure that your house has that little bit of green on (no one wants to get pinched!).

Another fan favorite for our families is when the leprechaun leaves a mess in some other part of the house. Throw the couch pillows on the floor and spill lucky charms all over the coffee table. Or one of our personal favorites is to let the leprechaun visit the bathroom before leaving! We used a green washable stamp pad to create little feet on the toilet by making a fist and stamping the side of our hand. Then add 5 little toes at the top of the foot print with the tip of your finger and drop a little green food coloring in the toilet. We like to TP the bathroom a bit to really make an impact, but be creative and have fun…after all, everyone’s leprechaun is different!


 In summary, Betti Says…Saint Patrick’s Day can be fun (and stress free) for kids and adults! We hope that these products and tips can help you have a little bit of fun in March 2021... and remember, it takes a little bit of rain to make a rainbow! Here’s to wishing we all find our pot of gold this year! Remember to leave us a comment or tag us in your trap kit posts on Facebook/Instagram @shopconfettibetti

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