Betti Goes on a Road Trip...

Betti Goes on a Road Trip...

Warmer weather and the lifting of COVID restrictions mean that the family summer vacation is (potentially) back on the books this year! Are you excited to hit the road with your family or is the act of travel one that strikes fear and panic in your mama heart? Whether you are a seasoned road warrior with every travel trick up your sleeve, or a brand-new mom braving this tough new terrain, we have a few ideas (and Betti Boxes) to help make travel a little smoother this summer.

The Tiny Toy Industry Moms Love to Hate

OK, let’s be real. Who’s the evil genius behind the tiny toy craze?! If you are the mom of a current 3–10-year-old, you know what I’m talking about. From the return of Polly Pockets, to LOL Dolls, Zuru Smashers, Pokémon cards, and Teeny Mates, the tiny toy industry has our kids (and consequently us) held hostage. Forget the pain of stepping on the stray lego…these surprise balls with all the paper, and stickers, and slime, and tiny people and their coordinating accessories are an entirely new brand of physical and psychological pain that parents now have to manage.

But the truth hurts people…our kids LOVE these toys. And since they are small and relatively inexpensive (in most cases), they are ideal for travel. This is where we can help. Check out our step-by-step instructions below on how to turn a shipping box (in our case a recycled Betti Box), into a tiny toy suitcase perfect for the car, plane, or hotel room.

Step 1: Grab your supplies!
- This is a fluid list, so grab whatever you have at home or make a quick trip to the Dollar Store! We used:
o Two recycled Betti Boxes (you can use any shipper box you might have in your recycle bin)
o Brightly colored construction paper
o Hot glue gun
o LOL papers and accessories
o Colored popsicle sticks
o A variety of fun stickers
o An old football program
o Velcro command strips
o White crayon
o Ribbon/an old shoe lace

Road Trip Box Supplies

Step 2A: Building an LOL Doll/Polly Pocket/Pink Palace traveling doll case

- We grabbed a variety of the ridiculous LOL papers that come in the surprise balls and used a mixture of those and brightly colored construction paper (cut into different shapes) to create a fun floor/backdrop.

- Next, we actually glued down one the weird little LOL boxes/stage that came with some gift we had received. This is nice because it’s secured to the bottom and can store all the tiny clothing and accessories.

- Use the scissors to punch two small holes about 3-4 inches apart on the front of the box base. We actually did this on the lid for our box, which is fine, but it will be more secure to create your handle on the front box portion.
- Cut a piece of ribbon, to string through the two holes, tying a knot at each end to secure. Make sure the handle is the size you want it and make it smaller or larger as needed.

- We tied some toile ribbon in a bow at the top of the lid to make it look fun and festive for the dolls and added some random stickers and more LOL cutouts wherever we could. Have fun decorating your box and making it yours….and let your little people help!

- Add the LOL dolls and accessories that you want to travel with you (or use the box for permanent LOL storage)!

Step 2B: Building your sport arena traveling case
- We used some green fuzzy paper we bought on Amazon for another party project, but green construction paper would work just as well here too. We cut it to size for the bottom of the box and used a white crayon to draw the yard lines for our football field.

- Next, we hot glued three popsicle sticks to create a goal post. We used a Velcro command strip to attach it to one side of the field. We repeated this on the other side. Now the goal posts can be taken down when the box needs to be packed up and closed, and put back up when they are ready to play!

- We are Notre Dame people, so we used an old program for the feature photo in the background, but you could use whatever you have on hand, or even draw in the crowd or a scoreboard!

- We punched two holes in the front side of the box and strung a shoe lace through, securing each end with a double knot, creating a handle.

- Add the teeny mate football guys, or use a paper triangle football to play/flick field goals and you are set for hours of football fun!

We love the concept of recycling these beautiful boxes into something that works for us and our kids. We created this LOL case and this football case because that’s what my kids love, but you could use this basic idea to create anything! Even if you just utilize the handle concept and let your kiddos decorate the inside of the box with markers. Have fun with it and smile because all those tiny toy collections are about to be rounded up in one special space!

The Kid’s Vacation Box

Confetti Betti was born and built around the idea of making celebration more accessible through the ease of a carefully curated box. This is true of both our party kits, which make planning the perfect party a cinch. And of our celebration boxes, which make gifting easy and fun!

One of our seasonal celebration boxes that we absolutely love right now is our Kid’s Vacation Box. This box is ideal for kids ages 7-13, but has pieces that are super fun for ages 3-99. We know that keeping little hands and minds busy during long car rides, flights, or rainy days in the hotel is a key component of a successful family vacation, and we cover all of those bases with this box.
It includes the season’s hottest fidget toy, a rainbow popper. Think of it like reusable bubble wrap. Just keep popping, just keep popping....and so on. It also includes a brain puzzle. This wooden puzzle is sort of like a Rubik’s Cube, and is sure to ignite those brains and keep those hands occupied! The box also includes a Travel Journal. We love this piece of the box because it is truly something that can be part of your entire trip. Make your kids the official documenters of the vacation. Not only will it keep them occupied during travel, but you will all be able to share in the memories post trip for years to come! Finally, we had to add something sweet for those rumbling tummies. No messy chocolate or wrappers here. The Gummy Rainbow Bites from Candy Club are in a resealable plastic container, perfect for sharing!

Travel Activity Kit for kids

In closing, Betti Says that we only have so many summers with our kids, and taking the time to really make those special memories, whether at home or on vacation, is an absolute must! This summer, clear the clutter and get outside! Try something new, go somewhere new, or plan the best staycation ever (we are HERE for the backyard camping expeditions). Don’t allow the stressful act of traveling (or the daily grind of chores), put a damper on all the special moments you and your family can have this summer. Turn your face to the sun….and you won’t see the mess!

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