Cheers to Punxsutawney Phil...and everything else!

Cheers to Punxsutawney Phil...and everything else!

In the post-holiday daze that is the month of January, it’s easy to feel like our celebration tanks are nearing empty, if not completely out of gas. We are still breaking down the piles and piles of Christmas recycling. Still picking pine needles out of the corners of the house. Still arguing with our kids that sparkling grape juice is not something we can partake in on a regular basis. Still hunting down receipts for the bevy of returns we need to make. Still trying to get our normal routine back in sync. In our first year of running Confetti Betti, we didn’t totally understand this post-holiday aversion to celebration and to retail. But honestly, it all makes sense. We are tired too…. barely able to round up enough energy to rip those Christmas lights down. Forget neatly packing them away for next year.

So, this January, we’ve tried to rest up a bit too. Now that our post-holiday psychosis has mostly passed, we’ve been thinking a lot about all the celebrating we want to do in the months ahead. Basically, we are ready to put our party pants on and want to celebrate EVERYTHING with you! With this Betti Says Blog entry, we wanted to share some of our ideas for celebrating some of the generally smaller holidays coming in the next few months.

Ground Hog Day

So today Punxsutawney Phil did in fact see his shadow, which means we should all be bracing for another 6 weeks of winter. We write this blog amidst our own minor snow-pocalypse. With 6 inches of heavy wet snow already on the ground in Northern Indiana and a forecast of constant snow fall today, we are actually kind of literally snowed in…with our kids…and e-learning. All this to say, let’s CELEBRATE Ground Hog Day with a DRINK! In our super fun, Cheers to you!Betti Box we feature a cocktail recipe book called, Gather Around Cocktails. This book includes gorgeous photos and recipes for cocktails celebrating every occasion…including Ground Hog Day!

 Ground Hog Day Cocktail Recipe

Valentine’s Day

Ok so we know this isn’t everyone’s favorite day. We hear you when you complain of it being a commercialized “Hallmark Holiday.” We get it. But we still have to respectfully disagree. Commercialized or not, we believe that Valentine’s Day is just a really fun excuse to celebrate all things LOVE. And what could honestly be better than that?! With Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, we plan to host a fun heart themed brunch on Sunday, 2/13. This also happens to be Galentine’s Day, so it works out really well! Check out our fun Brunch Box featuring a heart shaped mini waffle maker, tableware, and décor.

Valentine’s Day Brunch

Mardi Gras

Being from the west coast originally and a longtime mid-westerner, Liz knows little about Mardi Gras outside of store-bought King Cakes. But Whitney lived in Louisiana growing up and so she has brought the spirit of Mardi Gras to Betti Land! In that spirit, we decided to not only offer a cute mini-Mardi Gras party kit this year, but also created personal pan King Cakes that we can ship nationwide so that friends near and far can share the spirit of Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Party Kit

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day has a very special place in our Betti hearts. Last year our Chocolate Pots of Gold and Leprechaun Trap Kits were a huge hit. We were inundated with orders and tagged in so many amazing photos and videos of kids partaking in the Saint Patrick’s Day magic. We will be offering slightly modified (it’s a surprise) Chocolate Pots of Gold again this year and will also have a new and improved Leprechaun Trap Kit featuring an amazing STEAM Saint Patrick's Day book and a fun custom scavenger hunt! These will both go on pre-sale in the next 2 weeks so keep an eye out, as supplies are limited.

Chocolate Pots of Gold



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