50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Why does it feel like every holiday exists solely to dump pounds of candy in children’s laps? Just as we’re throwing out the last of the Valentine’s Day candy, here comes Easter (and 9,000 jellybeans). Are we against candy? No. We’re not totally crazy, but we do try to be mindful of overloading the little ones with sugar.

We wanted to rethink Easter baskets this year and are sharing some great non-candy options to fill the baskets with you. Not only will these Easter baskets be remembered for more than a sugar-filled afternoon, but avoiding candy is especially great for those little ones with food allergies, diet restrictions, or other sensitivities.

We encourage you to think outside the basket this year and add some whimsy, creativity, and fun instead of sugar!

What Can You Put In An Easter Basket That’s Not Candy?

Here are 50 of our best non-candy Easter Basket filler ideas. From clothing to crafts, games, accessories, and more you’re sure to find tons of ideas to help limit the sugar and overload on fun instead.

1.      Books

2.      Bubbles

3.      Body Wash

4.      Flip Flops

5.      Bath Bombs

6.      Beach and water toys

7.      Crayons

8.      Sidewalk chalk

9.      Stickers

10.   Coloring books

11.   Pajamas

12.   Bubble bath

13.   Money

14.   Gift cards

15.   Sunglasses

16.   Journal/diary

17.   Sketchpad/construction paper

18.   Card games

19.   Puzzles

20.   Hair accessories

21.   Nail polish

22.   Toothbrushes

23.   Socks

24.   Playdoh

25.   Activity books

26.   Bubble machine

27.   Healthy snack foods

28.   Magazine subscription

29.   Water paints

30.   Passes/tickets to an event or place

31.   Stuffed animals

32.   Craft kit

33.   Thermos

34.   Temporary tattoos

35.   Water guns

36.   Blanket

37.   Kids Bible

38.   Dot markers

39.   Slime

40.   Slinkie

41.   Stamp set

42.   Window clings

43.   Piggie bank

44.   Bluetooth speaker

45.   Headphones

46.   String lights

47.   Necklace/watch

48.   Kinetic sand

49.   Hat

50.   Fidget toys


Other Easter Basket Ideas

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Easter baskets. If you’re feeling inspired this year and want to try a new tradition, here are some other fun basket ideas…

Theme Baskets: Got a kid who’s really into geology, unicorns, sports, or art? Create a themed basket filled with items that complement their interests and spark their imagination.

Premade Baskets: Short on time and imagination this year? Or want to send a gift to a special kiddo? Try a premade basket. There are hundreds of places to buy gorgeous baskets online.

Adult Baskets: You’re never too old to enjoy an adult goodie bag (or basket)! Create adult baskets for your spouse, friends, and family. Need ideas for what to fill them with? We’ve got you covered here.

Non-Easter Basket: If you feel like passing on wicker this year, try putting their Easter goodies in something other than a basket. Items like umbrellas, wagons, beach buckets, decorative storage bins, or tote bags make great alternatives and double as Easter gifts.


Hop To It

Of course, if you’d like to add just a touch of sweetness to your Easter baskets, tablescapes, and décor, don’t forget to stop by our Easter Shop. It’s stocked with all the gifts, goodies, and special touches to make your holiday one to remember.

If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Tag us in your Easter Basket pics and share your best ideas with us.

Happy Easter! 

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