12 Easy And Festive Holiday Craft Ideas For Kids

12 Easy And Festive Holiday Craft Ideas For Kids

We all remember our parents and grandparents pulling out the big boxes of decorations and ornaments and taking a trip down memory lane. The macaroni, salt dough, and glitter-coated elementary school photos that adorn our trees and homes make the holiday season even more special.

Now that you’re the one pulling out the big boxes of décor and planning all the ways to fit fun and memory-making into the season, we thought we’d help by rounding up some fun and, most importantly, easy holiday craft ideas to do with the kids.

We sourced 12 great ways to fill a snowy afternoon making memories and using imagination. These craft projects are great for holiday parties, family gatherings, snow days, and classroom art projects. And you can make them with items you likely have on hand.

Crank up the Christmas music, grab the scissors, glue, glitter, and a cup of coffee, and let the little ones go wild with some of these easy holiday craft projects.


1. Popsicle Stick Snowmen Ornaments

You’ve been saving all those popsicle sticks for a reason. Now is their time to shine! This super simple, adorable craft can be put together without taking a trip to the craft store. The kids will have a blast making each little snowman unique. Find the complete tutorial here


2. Fork Painted Christmas Trees

Deck the walls with some extra festive paintings perfect for little ones. Kids will get a kick out of using forks rather than paintbrushes to create a Christmas tree of their very own. Have fun sourcing items from around the house to decorate the trees-buttons, stickers, colored paper, sequins, and beads make great “ornaments." Find the complete instructions here.

3. Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

If you’re still using up your pandemic-size stock of toilet paper, we have questions, but also ideas on how to use all of those extra rolls. Skip the recycle bin and turn them into holiday projects. Your kids will love creating their very own Santa, elf, snowman, or reindeer. Get the complete how-to here.


4. Lacing Ornaments

These lacing ornaments are great for little ones still mastering their motor skills. Little ones will enjoy decorating their ornament and will be challenged to carefully run the string through each hole. You can get as messy as you want with paint or simply use craft paper to keep it clean and quick. Learn how to whip these up right here.

5. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Is there anything more classic than a pinecone ornament proudly made by little hands on the tree? We had to add these to our list of crafty ideas to add to your holiday fun. Take a walk through the yard or neighborhood park and gather up some pinecones to decorate any way you want and place them on the tree, on the mantle, as a centerpiece…Get the step-by-step here.


6. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

If you don’t have any of these little battery-powered tea lights at home, get in the car and drive to the dollar store and scoop some up to create these tea light snowman ornaments. The flame looks just like a carrot nose. Kids (and adults) will have a blast creating their own unique snowman faces. Start your project here.


7. Pasta Christmas Tree

Would it even be Christmas if there wasn’t some sort of dried pasta hanging on the tree or around the house? We don’t think so either. This is ideal for preschool-age kiddos and makes a great ornament, décor, or even holiday card for the grandparents. Get the complete instructions here.


8. Simple Handprint Santa

You can’t freeze time, but you can remember their little hands for years-to-come with these great handprint crafts. All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue to make a holiday memory you’ll cherish every year. Find the instructions here.


9. Elf Hat Ornaments

We know you’re already out of ideas for your Elf on the Shelf, but maybe your elf can wake the kids up with a fun Christmas craft to enjoy. We love how simply these popsicle stick elf hat ornaments come together. Learn more about this project here.


10. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree

The holidays are all about the cozy sights and smells and nothing says holiday like cinnamon. Spice up your décor-literally-with this deliciously cute project. We highly recommend whipping up some hot chocolate and using leftover cinnamon sticks as garnish while you craft. Find instructions here.


11. Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

If you’re not using your old sour cream or yogurt containers as Tupperware, we have an idea on how to clear out cupboard space and make a holiday memory while you’re at it. Lay out paper, felt, paint, and decorating materials, and watch their little imaginations run wild as they create keepsake ornaments out of something as simple as old plastic container lids. Get the steps here


12. Peppermint Ornaments

Let’s face it, we will all have about 867 peppermints in a dish until we finally toss them out around Easter. Use up some of that holiday candy with these peppermint ornaments. Bonus-they smell just as good as they look and are super easy to make. Find the instructions here.


Happy Crafting 

We hope you’ll use some of these ideas to make memories and maybe a bit of a mess with your family this holiday season. If you want to add some extra special touches to your holiday crafting, invite the neighbor kids and make it a party! Visit our holiday shop and put a festive spin on craft time this year.

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