Artisan Apple Candle

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This gorgeous 8 oz apple scented candle is handmade by Jamie Helman of Tri Collective. It is also stamped with an apple for the teacher!  

This design incorporates the unique match striker mini pot with a hand thrown container and a hand poured, scented, soy/blend candle! Strike "anywhere" matches on the unglazed portion of the pot and Presto! You've got a light! The soy/blend candle is scented with a unique blend of amber and lavender essence making it not too masculine and feminine.

Each candle comes with a starter supply of "strike anywhere" matches. The ceramic holder can be reused after the candle has burned down. Just place the pot in the freezer and gently tap the candle remnants out.

After removing the candle remnants, the caddy can also be used to serve pickles, olives etc. for entertaining. Just add toothpicks to the side holder and you have the perfect serving piece.

These will begin shipping the first week of December. Perfect for teacher gifts for the holidays!